Brand history

Baby Maxi Bentley DMD138


passenger car, 1 person, children 2–7 years (up to 45 kg), motor 12V, 3 speed

Main (Baby Maxi Bentley DMD138)
Color options beige, white
View electric car
Recommended age 2 — 7 g.
Seats 1
Max. weight skiers 45 kg
Remote control
Specifications (Baby Maxi Bentley DMD138)
The motor voltage 12V
The number of engines 2
The engine (engines) 35 W
Number of speeds (including reverse) 3
Continuous drive 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours 30 minutes
Design (Baby Maxi Bentley DMD138)
Open the doors
The trunk
Tail lights
Rear view mirrors
Signal (horn)
Music block
The player is connected
FM radio
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