Brand history

Baby Maxi Audi Q7


passenger car, 2-seater (40 kg), the 6V engine, 3 speed, battery 7 Ah

Main (Baby Maxi Audi Q7)
Color options black
View electric car
Seats 2
Max. weight skiers 40 kg
Remote control
Specifications (Baby Maxi Audi Q7)
The motor voltage 6V
The number of engines 2
The engine (engines) 35 W
Number of speeds (including reverse) 3
Speed 4 km/h 7 km/h
Battery power 7 a·h
Continuous drive 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours 30 minutes
Design (Baby Maxi Audi Q7)
Wheels with rubber pads
Open the doors
Pedal one that combines the gas and brake
Tail lights
Rear view mirrors
Signal (horn)
Music block
Dimensions and weight (Baby Maxi Audi Q7)
Length 119 sm
Width 70 sm
Height 60 sm
FM radio
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